Exclusive: More proof of curved, white iPhone 3G

iPhone 2 - 3G-versie - Mal voor behuizing - AchterzijdeSlow news day? Not anymore! Dutch communitysites iPhoneclub.nl and Macfreak.nl both received a couple of pictures of the supposed new casing of the second generation iPhone. These pictures haven’t surfaced on the internet before. According to the source – who wishes to remain anonymous – these pics originate from a well known European accessory maker. The pictures show a striking resemblance to earlier spyphotos of a white iPhone and confirm once again that the next generation iPhone will have a curved back, possibly to make room for a bigger (and more powerful) battery, needed for the more powerhungry 3G functionality.

The white casing is a rather unusual choice for Apple, because recent product versions of the iPod and MacBook have moved away from white in favor of silver and aluminium. The front pic also shows no evidence of a front camera for video chat and/or video calling, which – according to earlier rumors – was believed to be one of the new features.

Follow up item here with even newer pics by Griffin Technology (unfortunately news item is in Dutch)

Nederlands: Exclusief: Nieuwe bewijzen voor witte en bollere iPhone 3G (Foto’s)

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  • This is the dumy iphone that some equipment manufacturers have received, the external dimensions are correct, the phone(+colour) is not.

  • could the photo be any more bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I CANNOT wait to get my hands on one. Anyone know where I can get one CHEAP!


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